2024 Moon Festival Tea Gift Box Collection

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FONMING TEA Launches a Series of Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Gift Boxes, Showcasing Unique Taiwanese Tea Culture.


With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, FONMING TEA is delighted to present a series of exquisite tea gift boxes, perfect for sending heartfelt wishes to friends and family. The newly launched gift boxes include:

  1. JIA DAY JIA DIN Gift Box: JIA DAY JIA DIN means "drink tea, eat sweets" in Taiwanese. This gift box has been awarded as Tainan 400's designated souvenir. It contains a selected oolong tea and brown sugar, allowing you to enjoy a sweet treat while sipping tea.

  2. Coldbrew Teabags Gift Box: This cold brew tea gift box, which has been recognized as one of Taiwan's Top 100 Souvenirs, offers a refreshing cold brew tea experience, perfect for hot days.

  3. Drip Tea Gift Box: The first drip tea gift box in Taiwan, featuring designer hand-drawn zoo star animals, offering a delightful combination of delicious tea and beautiful design.

  4. TEA LOVER Whole Leaf Tea Gift: This gift box includes a selection of Red Oolong Tea, Rose Oolong Tea, and Jasmine Oolong Tea. You can choose any two cans to create your personalized gift.


★Pre-order now until August 31st to enjoy multiple benefits, including:

  • An additional 10% off the discounted price
  • Specified delivery date
  • Free shipping for orders over NT$2000  (only in Taiwan)

Additionally, bulk orders of 20 or more boxes come with extra discount offers.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, choose FONMING TEA's tea gift boxes to make your greetings warmer and more special!!